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Our "Ardor" collection is based on the traditional Japanese technique of yakisugi (literally "burned cedar") or wrongfully called at times Shou Sugi Ban. Consisting of burning wood to protect it from fire, rot or even insects but also to give it this sought-after texture and stylish appearance. The contradiction of fire and wood used together to create an intriguing paradox.

Crafted by hand, our artistic pieces follow another Japanese principle at its very core: wabi-sabi. Accepting the beauty of imperfections in nature but also its transience. Every piece is unique and while coated with pure tung oil to seal it and make it last longer, decaying is inevitable. (Don't worry it will take years!) You will be able to watch your artwork slowly transform and adopt new colors over time, offering an ever-changing experience. 

"Pyra" represents our fervor towards the Sun and its indispensable role as bringer of life.



Height: 9cm // 3.5"
Base width: 9cm // 3.5"


Norway Spruce
100% Pure Tung Oil


Flowers not included. 
Do no put water directly into the vase. Use the glass bottle coming with the vase.
Otherwise, use dried flowers.


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